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Pakistan -India Final Taman Daya Tournament Johor Bharu 15th March 2009

March 16, 2009

Report from the Final Taman Daya Pakistan – India 3-2.

Introduction Hockey Asia

We are a new website organization set up by hockey professionals from the Netherlands and is set up in Kuala Lumpur. With Hockey Asia we want to bring live hockey matches from Europe and International Tournaments to be seen over the Internet and Mobile TV (at your mobile phone). Besides that we bring new and unique data base for players and their coaches, E-education Hockey and video analysis and video training. With our income we have intentions to finance hockey projects at schools, accommodations, new league set up and much more.

Pakistan -India our first report 

Hockey Asia in person of Jaap Suyk attended the match between Pakistan and India and besides some pictures we will give you a report of this match. As Jaap Suyk is not journalist but  hockey trainer and national referee his report is has different approach. Hockey Asia wants to give you some back ground details about the hockey qualities and tactics of the different teams.

The first period Pakistan – India 0-1.

In this period the battle between Pakistan and India was quite equal, The first 10 minutes were in favorite for India who played very aggressive and their tackle back and defense was very hard. During the whole match India played to my opinion over the line of acceptable. Pakistan had especially in the first 10 to 20 minutes difficulties with this playing style. Where Pakistan tried to build up the game India played very direct by long balls and quick combinations.

Both teams with his technical skills

For me the technical skill of both teams is very high and handling speed was very good. This made the game good to watch with some spectular moments. India scored in the first period one time out of  penalty corner with low flick. Beautifully made in right corner of the goal.India uses double stopper and double flicker but most of the attempts the second flicker was used as Pakistan has very quick first player. The penalty flicker for the first and second goal of India is Mandeep Patel. Pakistan had – to my opinion they had right to tell the referee as it was not correct – comments about the way the first PC was handled by the referee. After the PC was taken, Pakistan did run out too quickly and they walked back but before all players  of Pakistan were at their position the ball was taken. Too early and this gave a lot of commotion. But the Malaysian referee couldn’t see his blunder and gave the goal to India. After this goal at 22nd minute of the first period India took over and was very offensive in their goal attempts. One of their strategy worked very well as they use the high to the left and right defender of Pakistan. The ball control was not there for Pakistan and this period India had chances to more goals.

Second Period Pakistan -India 2-2

In the second period Pakistan had more control of the game, in the whole match first and second period Pakistan impressed me a lot as they act as a very adult team with good modern tactic hockey. In the second period the referees allowed India to play very aggressive and in hockey this is possible till the referees take action. Last night this wasn’t the case one of the referee gave 3 green (warning cards 2x India – 1x Pakistan) cards and forgot to give at least 3 to 4 clear yellow cards to India. I can see that both referees are talented and young but last night they lost control of the match. A pity.  In the 37 minute Pakistan came back with good field goal  by Abdul Haseem Khan and after this goal Pakistan took the control of the match to themselves completely. They won most duels at the midfield and almost every high ball was controlled by the defense of Pakistan. One of the actions of India,  they got PC again and the referee at the other side of the court made the same mistake. After the quick running of Pakistan they were not back at their positions and once again India scored from their second PC flicker Mandeep Patel in the 47 minute of the match.

Pakistan took revenge 2-2.

3 minutes before the end of the match, after Pakistan had several good attempts, they scored by Abdul Haseem Khan (European Clubs watch him because he can become a top-player for your league). With this score Pakistan and India need to play 2x 7,5 minute with the “Golden” goal rule. The team who will score first wins the final and the Taman Daya trophy. After 3 minutes and 27 seconds Pakistan scored by Muhammed Zubair. This time this goal was one from very high quality. I think the public will agree that Pakistan was the best team today and India probably didn’t play their best match. India has a very talented team – only different from Pakistan they still play the Asian strategy and they urge themselves to be at the goal as soon as possible. Maybe the new India coach from Spain Mr. can assist them  to change their strategy before the World Cup. Both India and Pakistan are to my opinion two absolute World Cup candidates.